We begin the design process in our showroom where you will meet with one of our experienced designers to discuss your dream kitchen or bathroom.

Our team will visit at your home

Once you have retained our kitchen and bath design services in Los Angeles, the designer will visit your home for measurements and work on the detailed plans for your custom design.

As a premier home remodeling company in South Bay, we boast a team of passionate, creative, and patient designers who collaborate with you until your design is flawlessly honed. Once your vision is refined and you’re prepared to proceed, we initiate the next steps. Custom cabinets, counters, and materials are ordered, and our seasoned team comes together to realize your vision in a timely manner. With our industry expertise and collaborative approach, we ensure your journey from concept to reality is seamless, efficient, and attuned to your unique preferences.

Flexible Design Retainers Based on Project Scope

Design retainers will range from $500.00 to $2,500.00, depending upon the scope of your project.

Once your materials arrive, typically within 2 to 8 weeks, our work begins. With a commitment to efficient project management, our team of expert designers and professional installers ensures timely and seamless progress. Your dedicated designer will provide you with comprehensive time and cost estimates tailored to your specific project plans. At South Bay Design Center, we take pride in our ability to synchronize each stage of the process, guaranteeing that your remodeling journey is not only successful but also a source of satisfaction as your vision comes to life.

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Everything we do caters to the needs of our guests while exceeding their expectations each step of the way.

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